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company profile

bondex was established in 1996. always focus on the supply chain and provide professional service.oriented to our clients’ demands, bondex aims to build a international logistics platform with professional service, informative network resources and diversified solutions to provide end-to-end one-stop intelligent supply chain logistics service to our there are more than 2000 employees, annual turnover more than rmb10 billion, the business area covers more than 200 ports in the world, and over 80 holding branches and subsidiaries in china and overseas.

we offer a complete range of logistics services including transportation services (sea, road, air, railway, etc.), customs clearance and warehousing services by taking advantage of our intelligent logistics platform and large-scale services, which helps reducing our clients' cost and improving logistics efficiency. at the same time, we also provide client-oriented logistics services including door-door delivery, customs affairs management, warehousing and distribution, etc. to clients of specific industries (such as electronics, semiconductors, overseas projects, automobiles, cross-border e-commerce, fresh food, fashion consumer goods, etc.). we are full of confidence that our professional supply chain logistics solutions are to empower clients' supply chain and helps the chinese enterprises to interconnect with the world.

bondex always aim to meet customer needs, integrate all kinds of effective resources to create a supply chain logistics ecosystem that not only establishes win-win cooperation with our partners and helps employees, customers and the company will develop together and promote the industry and society more prosperous.

development history

start-up & pioneering(1996-2003)

taking qingdao headquarters as the core, we spread our basic logistics services to surrounding areas. a number of branches were established successively in zhengzhou, beijing, tianjin, xi'an, jinan, yantai, weihai, etc. a unique model of basic logistics service was formed by combining and integrating our two advantageous services of shipping agency and customs declaration and inspection.

development & consolidation(2004-2012)

more branches were set up in chengdu, shanghai, wuhan, chongqing, guangzhou, shenzhen,etc.,and regional subsidiaries specializing in supply chain logistics were established including chengdu bondex ftz, qingdao hengcheng, etc. a comprehensive logistics operation network was formed, covering major ports of the bohai rim, the yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the central, western and southwestern china, etc. the contract logistics service focusing on "intelligent warehousing service" was under vigorous development.

quality upgrade(2013-2020)

with the implementation of the national "the belt & road" strategy and the general trend of domestic industrial transfer and upgrading,subsidiaries and branches were established successively in xi’an,fujian, hefei, hainan, the united states, vietnam, thailand, cambodia and malaysia to further develop service outlets worldwide.according to the actual needs of our clients, two mature supply chain service modes, namely "supply chain solution for semiconductor wafer manufacturing" and "supply chain solution for semiconductor display manufacturing" were formed.

keep forging ahead(2021-)

a national logistics network has been established, and the "two-wheel-drive" strategic development mode has been preliminarily realized, that is, the "horizontal expansion" strategy and the "vertical extension" strategy are mutually driven and promoted, so that our business can achieve sustainable "symbiosis, mutual growth and regeneration" 2021, bondex supply chain management co., ltd. landed on the main board of shanghai stock exchange successfully.