2013 ocean freight skills competition and ocean shipping logistics department new year celebration party 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

2013 ocean freight skills competition and ocean shipping logistics department new year celebration party
发布时间:2013/1/11 0:00:00

qingdao ocean shipping department first session of skills contest took place on the 6th floor of futai building at 15:30 on january 6th, 2013. the competition includes 5 events: individual typing contest, team relay typing contest, documents processing good partners, logistics knowledge forum, customer service scenario simulation. each department has sent its best staffs to participate in the hot competition.

individual typing contest was very exciting since the very beginning, looking at pairs of hands jumping on the keyboard rapidly, as if the players were playing masterpiece of a passionate piano music, it has reminded us the old chinese poem of “big and small pearls falling on a jade plate”, other colleagues nearby were also worrying about the players. they were studying the instant results continuously shown on the lcd display. in the end, a veteran employee from overseas department ms. lihong jia has taken the first place, both her key-in speed and accuracy has handed over a satisfactory answer.

team relay typing contest was not only testing individual key-in speed, but also it was a challenge to teamwork velocity and accuracy. if only one player was good enough and other partners were comparatively slow, it would affect the overall result inevitably. at last, nvo team has won the champion; and it has showed the perfect confluent strength of teamwork and individual ability.

document processing good partners contest requires the players to complete a whole course of operation activities including consignment document key-in, b/l confirmation, alteration of documents and printing correct b/l within required time limitation. after the contest has started, player did not start to carry on their jobs immediately, they sat down together to study the rules and assigned the tasks to each team member. when the keyboard operators were busy typing the shipping information, document dealing staffs has already started to prepare other needed documents and receipts; when the other staffs were confirming the documents, others are also helping with the document verifications at the same time. the purpose of the contest is not for testing individuals’ abilities; it requires a teamwork spirit and good working formalities. in the end, the liner department became the no.1 of the event.

logistics knowledge forum was carried out by selecting a correct answer from two options given by the host. the player who has selected the wrong answer would be eliminated directly, only the players who have selected the right answer were allowed to enter the next round. the scopes of questions covered sea freight and railway transportation, it was concerning company’s railway transport plans in the new year. due to lack of relevant training in advance, the question related with railway transportation became a stumbling block to many players along the way to success. it has reminded us of learning more knowledge and conducting more efficient trainings on those railway questions. two colleagues from import department insisted to the end on their solid business skills and comprehensive knowledge.

customer service scenario simulation topics started with various problems we have encountered in daily work, so the key point to this contest was how we could give the customer a satisfactory answer. most of the time the customer did not only care about the results, but also the course of service, marketing department has given us a much authorized answer relying on their abundant selling experiences. the competition lasted for only two hours, but all the colleagues have devoted great enthusiasm to take part in the contest.

in the get-together evening party, we have enjoyed green onion dance, dialect drama and song accompanied with bass performed by bondex logistics department and we have also arranged programs such as oversea news broadcasting, lantern dance, magic shows and songs from ocean shipping department. in the show, we have seen the delightful faces, witty language and striving motivations from our employees.

in the performance of “oversea news broadcasting”, the actor and actress have incorporated our realistic work into the popular expressions; we were all attracted by the wonderful eloquence and exaggerated body languages of our colleagues. we were happy to see that our employees were hardworking workers during working hours and super stars in show time. the lights dance from nvocc department has brought us a cooperative lantern show which has demonstrated the department achievements they have made. it has given us a good lesson about teamwork spirits. in each design, the picture would be incomplete if lack of anyone’s light. nvocc team has shown their tacit understanding in the show spite comparative short rehearsal time.

at the moment of celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, it is believed that each one of us would strive for improving business, realize our great vision of “enthusiastic bondex with you and me” with greater passion.