2013 bondex chengdu evening party 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

2013 bondex chengdu evening party
发布时间:2013/1/11 0:00:00

with the topic of "enthusiastic bondex with you and me", bondex logisticsco., ltd. chengdu branch office 2013 evening party was held in chengdu shuangliu baigang international hotel. group company chairman mr. xiping wang, president mr. harold tang, leaders and guests from associated units have attended the party and had a good time together with colleagues from chengdu branch company.

before the party start, the company's human resources manager ms. cuizhi geng and colleagues from chengdu branch company has shared stories about bondex 20 years’ development history, brilliant achievements we have made and some colleagues’ touching moments happened on their ordinary posts.

at 6 o’clock in the evening, the party started in the song of "we are a family”, chengdu branch office colleagues started to show themselves on stage with hot songs and vigorous dances of colleagues from custom declaration department west zone , a song " for myself in the future " from field operation group, a very funny drama" news broadcast at random " from business operation department, “flying freely " from finance department, "creating romance" from the host team, a drama “play a bit role” described a logistic good-looking girl was hurt by the “aura of the sword” and an exotic dance performed by bondex chengdu branch office beauties.

we have presented to the audience a wonderful show, cheers and applause from the audiences were as enthusiastic as the tide water, and the show was successfully closed in the song of “tomorrow will be better”.