chongqing branch company annual meeting 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

chongqing branch company annual meeting
发布时间:2013/1/6 0:00:00

the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony of the group company and 2012 new year's party of chongqing branch company was held in chongqing minshan hotel on december 22nd, 2012. chairman mr. xiping wang, president mr. harold tang, chongqing branch company general manager mr. shidong zhao and other executive level personnel attended the celebration and shared the happy times together with our employees.

before the start of the celebration, the company’s leadership bought the audience a brief video program which presented the twenty years’ development history of bondex, the images shown were so warm and touching. after watching the video program, our employees were so touched and excited, at the same time, they felt so proud of being a part of bondex family. then the leaders of the company revealed the prelude of the celebration party.

the programs in the show were unusually rich and fantastic. all programs were organized, directed and performed by our colleagues. funny talk show “three words and a half”, nonsense dating show “dust, you are not the one”, a recreating song “unrestrained and far-ranging” from the music band “wool”, vivacious and bright opening dance "gee”, well performed drama “the day of customer service”, excellent english song “the buring” etc., the show programs were in various types of performance, lively and interesting.

besides of the wonderful show, our colleagues also have prepared interesting games such as “transferring paper cups with water” etc., the company's leaders were also involved in the games and shared their joys together with every one of us.

tonight, we have shared the fruits of the hard work for a whole year with our colleagues; we were to celebrate the new year by singing and dancing with joy and gratitude from our hearts. we were going to say goodbye to our magnificent 2012, and welcome the new year of 2013. we firmly believe that our future road would be more broad and vast!