2013yantai branch company annual meeting 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

2013yantai branch company annual meeting
发布时间:2013/1/7 0:00:00

bondex annual appreciation dinner 2013 and the 20th celebration ceremony of the group company - yantai station was held in yantai central hotel on december 28, 2012. at 6 o’clock in the evening, main clients and colleagues from yantai company arrived at the hotel on time and received a scarf from the company as a gift, blessing everybody would have a warm winter. the party started with a video tape recording yantai colleagues’ moments of life along with the theme music “the original dream”, general manager mr. gao has given us an enthusiastic and humorous speech, bringing people to the joy of the ocean. young bondex colleagues organized, directed and performed the programs has brought us a visual feast of dynamic dance, beautiful songs, funny sweepstakes and exciting raffle draws. the party was full of carefully designed fantastic and interesting programs; it drew applause from all the audience, and drove the atmosphere to a climax again and again.

the most memorable highlight was the launch of company's 20th anniversary ceremony. on the large screen, an advertising video helped us to review 20 years of growing footprint of bondex since establishment in 1993, year after year, step by step, bondex family is growing from strength to strength, kept moving forward, every effort of honor inspired us marching to another 20 years. general manager mr. gao, mr. li and yantai branch company main customers officially launched the 6th station of our group company’s 20th anniversary ceremony and pushed the evening party to a new climax.

new year new hope, employees came to the same stage to celebrate the new year, the new year party cane to a successful ending with the yantai featured dynamic dance of “yantai style”. success of the party has provided versatile bondex employees with a stage to show their youth and vigor; it has also greatly enriched the company’s culture and showed bondex- our big family a strong cohesive and centripetal force.

let's keep all the happy memories in 2012, and walk into 2013 with a blessing and longings. at the new starting line, let's work together to create a more splendid tomorrow for bondex with our sincere hopes!