knowledge competition of bondex processing zone branch office 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

knowledge competition of bondex processing zone branch office
发布时间:2013/4/27 0:00:00

on april 26th, 2013, bondex processing zone branch office knowledge competition completed successfully. two teams (“ah, potatoes!” and “head-on”) were well prepared and have achieved excellent results under the leadership of captain mr. yongjun zhang and captain mr. yongjun zhang! we have pushed the atmosphere of the contest to climax step by step based on the theme of “healthy workers and happy life”.

there were totally five events in the competition: typing, quick wit quiz, “body language guessing”, “you ask, i answer” and “knowledge ball passing”. in our quick asking and quick answering link, each team sent one player to answer the question by quick responding, the players have kept all the business operation knowledge in their hearts, and they were always pressing the responders at the same time, it was difficult to judge who the winner was. that was really awesome! knowledge ball passing is a collective game; it was required to pass the ball with necks of the player. all team members were required to name a content to be filled in customs declaration forms as the ball passing on their necks. the player who has given the wrong answer would result in the restart of the ball passing of their team. in this way, we could promote the employee to master the normalization of filling custom declaration forms and experience the importance of teamwork. it was really killing two birds with one stone!

at last, "ah, potato” team has won the champion by a slight advantage! we have learned the working experience from participating in the game, and felt the happiness in gaining knowledge.