bondex 2011 mba advanced seminar successfully completed 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

bondex 2011 mba advanced seminar successfully completed
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fall season is a harvest season, in such a promising season, bondex 2011 class mba advanced class students ushered in the graduation ceremony.

on september 25, 2012, at 4:00 p.m., the graduation ceremony of bondex 2011 mba class was held at qingdao treasure bay seaview hotel. the leadership of the company attended the graduation ceremony. with the final course, "situational leadership - people-oriented leadership art," concluded, the graduation ceremony of the bondex 2011 mba class was officially launched. students wearing a cap, wearing a gowns. enthusiasm in the face of each student, happy to boil on the beautiful beach. a photo for that moment permanently set in our memory. a few years later, we will call it all "that autumn ..."

4:40, in the solemn background music, mba feature films so that students reviewed the bit by bit over the past year, the focus of the class, the party at the active, the case of controversy, the visit of the interaction ... ... then warm awards lecong company leadership for the students one by one issued a diploma. then, the graduation ceremony commended six outstanding students over the same period. excellent student ma chao speak on behalf of all students. everyone revisits the touching scene of learning life in the past year and thanked the company leaders and all the family, colleagues and fellow students who helped and supported them. in the past year, we have gained more systematic management knowledge. we will continue to carry out the training course "learn to use it", apply what we have learned to practical work, and return the company with more outstanding performance.

on behalf of the company and bondex mba education center, president tang hai congratulated all the students on successfully completing the course and graduating smoothly. they also raised higher expectations for mba students and expect every student to assume greater responsibilities in the future. better grades. finally, all the students holding hands full of passion together singing "life in full bloom":
i want life in full bloom
like standing on the top of the rainbow
like walking through the bright galaxy
has extraordinary power