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bondex 2011 mba class second class newsletter
发布时间:2011/12/30 0:00:00

december 16-18, 2011, bondex 2011 mba advanced seminar the second course was held at tsinghua university in beijing. more than 50 trainees from all over the country participated in this training.

the theme of this course is cultural shaping and strategic undertaking, which mainly include two topics: "organizational change and corporate culture" and "target management and plan execution". this class was specially selected at the beautiful tsinghua university, a famous institution in china. students fully felt the strong college atmosphere of tsinghua university. it was like returning to the student days and three days of study, which was intense and exciting. at 18:00 on december 18, at 5:00 pm, the course concludes successfully at the lecture hall of tsinghua yuan library.

the course also arranged for well-known enterprises to visit. december 15, the company unified organization visited a well-known consulting firm: and jun advisory group. mr. ma quanxin of hejun company introduced the development of hejun to the students in detail and the concept of hejun was deeply felt by the students.

coincides with the advent of the new year, all the students also organized a "welcome" as the theme of the party, a variety of programs are self-directed self-taught students, two hours of wonderful evening stack, laughter, fully demonstrated the students versatile and harmonious.