bondex business school class of 2019 flying eagle phase ii graduation ceremony was successfully held 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

bondex business school class of 2019 flying eagle phase ii graduation ceremony was successfully held
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on november 20, 2020, the 2019 flying eagle phase ii graduation ceremony of bondex business school was grandly held in qingdao. students from all over the country, business school leaders and mentors gathered together to witness the growth and transformation of the students in the past year. at the ceremony, mr. tang congratulated the students on successfully completing their studies and made three requirements for everyone. he said: "as a bondex colleague who inherits and carries forward the spirit of'continuous struggle', we must strengthen our confidence on the way forward and actively embrace changes. , dare to face challenges, and gain extraordinary results from the ordinary. i hope that the students will inspire youth in the new journey, continue to work hard, and be courageously forge ahead, pioneers and devotees of the new era." during mr. tang's speech, the students were in high spirits, applauded warmly from time to time, and gave out knowing laughter. at the meeting, the business school also commended the outstanding students, and the representatives of outstanding students gave a speech on the award. then, zhai ming spoke as the representative of the mentor. he shared his growth story in the company. as well as the business accumulation and thinking of customs declaration management positions, only later have the opportunity to participate in customs reform pilots such as integration of customs clearance, integration of customs and inspection, and the launch of a single window. i hope that the students will continue to study, break through themselves, and create value for themselves, for the company, and for the society. the growth of feiying students is inseparable from the careful guidance and help of the instructors. at the graduation ceremony, the students presented flowers to the instructors to thank the teacher. in the graduation performance, the video "days of flying eagle phase ii" allowed everyone to review the learning and harvest, practice and growth of the year. in the end, the students fondly recite the collectively created poem "we are flying eagles", expressing their best wishes and pushing the graduation ceremony to a climax again.