dreams come true in expo, full of reunion and appreciation-九游会棋牌

dreams come true in expo, full of reunion and appreciation- the customers gratitude meeting of bondex expo logistics project
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china shanghai world expo 2010 has finally dropped its curtains with complete success on 2010, october 31st; it is fully loaded with the wisdoms and dreams of humankind. the successfully held of shanghai world expo 2010 is the pride of chinese people, is the concentrative presentation of entire chinese people ethos. as the appointed logistics supplier of shanghai world expo, bondex logistics is obedient to the motto of "the whole heart service to achieve of what the expo logistics has entrusted", in order to accomplish this objective, the co-workers of bondex united as one, participate the expo, dedicated to the expo, sprinkled their sweats at the both sides of the huangpu river and made a satisfactory answers, successfully completed this mission entrusted by history.

the triumph of the bondex expo logistics project cannot be separated from the proper leadership and trusts of the shanghai world expo affairs coordination authority, cannot do without the vigorously support of customs, the inspection and quarantine departments and is inseparable from all cooperative partners’ active cooperation; and can not be achieved without the absolute sincerity of bondex logistics teams, especially our 127 lovely colleagues struggling in the front-line, they have shed their arduous sweats for over 300 days and nights, left a memorable touchable unforgettable touching stories.

in order to express our sincere gratitude to the community leaders provided great support, cooperative partners, and colleagues struggling in the front-line, bondex logistics international logistics co., ltd. held "the expo logistics project gratitude meeting "on december 8th, 2010 in shanghai grand hyatt pudong hotel. standing committee member of the chinese people‘s political consultative conference, vice president of china democratic national construction association (cndca), vice-chairman of the chinese people's political consultative committee (cppcc), deputy director general of shanghai world expo bureau mr. hanmin zhou, deputy director of shanghai world expo affairs coordination authority mr. hao ding, section director of shanghai world expo affairs coordination logistics center mr. xiaohan mao, and more than 80 special guests from the customs, inspection and quarantine office, cooperative partners, bondex expo logistics project team and all the colleagues of bondex logistics shanghai branch company in total of more than 200 people attended the meeting. deputy director of shanghai world expo affairs coordination authority mr. hao ding, managing director of bondex mr. xiping ding, president halard tang and project director of expo logistic project mr. ming lu has made a banquet speech respectively.

happiness turned into wine, blessing changed into singing, bondex logistics staff have presented a wonderful performance to the guests participated in the appreciation dinner. all the show programs are compiled and presented by the employees of bondex, music allegro “elegant appearance of expo logistics”, beijing opera style "one night in beijing", humorous "three sentence and a half", the sonorous “life in full blossom”, witty “bondex gagas” , professional bel canto "let’s toast, my friend!", a passionate “songs singing medley”, plus orderly site organization and coordination, and professional stage lighting, audio effects, the whole appreciation dinner is permeated with warm and auspicious atmosphere.

a heartfelt thanks to the following working personnel:
overall planning: ming lu, jing zang, jingrong xiao, rong jin, cuizhi geng
compere: lulu han, lin wang, yong qian, yifei lu
stage producer: yiming yang, ying qin
video groups: manyuan wei, zhubin liang, chengpeng wang, hanshun zheng, wang, xiaowen pei
receptions: li sun, peng shi
stage properties: jingfang ni, yiwen tu
concierge groups: xiaoxia hu, huichao zhang, wenli wang, jingjing nie, yajia chen, xiaoxia hu, shasha qiao, yanxia zhou, minji xu
acting cast:
“elegant appearance of expo logistics”: performed by huichao zhang, yajia chen, yiwen tu, xiaoxia hu, jingjing nie, xiao feng, likun chen, shasha qiao, yanxia zhou, minji xu from expo logistics project operation team and performance activities team,
"one night in beijing": performed by hai yu of airfreight department, bin tan of seafreight department from qingdao office, shijie li of shanghai textile department
"three sentence and a half": performed by yongming zhou, bo wang, junming wang, hao zhu from world expo african pavilion project team
“life in full blossom”: performed by yanguang zhou from the expo logistics project operation team
“bondex gagas”: performed by yiming yang, qiming teng, yong qian, xiao feng, likun chen, yifei lu, qianlin zhang from the expo logistics project performance activities group
“let’s toast, my friend!” : performed by jiaju wangn from group company customs affairs center
“songs singing medley”: performed by chang song, jing wu and tiaorao cai from the expo national pavilion project team; junsong li, shijun zang, xuesong li, yongtao shi, yuechao li from the expo logistics support guarantee project team; zhihui lv, junmeng liu, hao dong, jiming yu, tian zhou, wei liu from the expo
china pavilion project team