keep up the good work, create new brilliant victories——sidelights of bondex logistics move-九游会棋牌

keep up the good work, create new brilliant victories——sidelights of bondex logistics move-out from world expo
publish time:2010/11/26 0:00:00

the remarkable shanghai world expo 2010 finally has closed its curtain on october 31st 2010, it has painted a perfect ending to their expo tour for many staffs and volunteers who has been working in the expo park. but to the designated logistics providers which provide whole course logistics services, it is a a new challenge and a new starting point - the upcoming exhibition move-out.

from prophase preparation, exhibition move-in, park area operation, the expo team of bondex has been working on the front line of the expo for more one year, it is the final sprint moment, in order to provide a better service for the exhibitors all over the world, can let them go back home earlier for family reunion, 2010 world expo project team has adjusted working time promptly, welcome the last round of challenge. every day they works at least 12 hours, sometimes they would be woken up by the business phone calls incessantly at midnight, and come back to the office on the second morning with swollen eyes. in these 400 days and nights, the world expo service team workers always play as a solid backing of the expo logistics, devote themselves silently to the normal operation of the expo park.

the difficulties of dismantling are unimaginable. we take henan pavilion as an example, there are three huge sculptures of “riverside scene at qingming festival”, which cost four years for accomplishment need to be transported back to henan, each tower sculpture hefts more than 3 tons, valued more than 20 million. because there are many pavilions withdrawal from exhibition in the same exhibition area during that specified period, everywhere is stacked with equipments and tools, the actual working space is very narrow, in order to avoid any friction, not causing any losses to the customer, it takes more than three hours to move the three sculptures out of the exhibition showroom. our staff applies crane to load each of the three sculptures onto the trucks and pack up it is almost the midnight after all loading work has been finished, the staff are already totally exhausted. due to the goods are very valuable, bondex logistics especially arranged a special rider for each truck in order to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

after more than 400 days of hard working has forged this excellent expo logistics service team, they have accomplished all kinds of logistic tasks consigned by the expo over and over with their iron will and sincerely cooperative teamwork spirits with the team spirit again and again to the finished expo logistics tasks, they used their sincere enthusiasm to provide customers with the best quality personalized service, grace and glorify the expo logistics unceasingly with their heart and soul.