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bondex presented at logistics fair
publish time:2012/6/26 0:00:00

the 5th international exhibition for logistics, telematics and transport (transport logistic china 2012) was staged successfully at the shanghai new international expo centre from june 5 to 7, 2012. covering an area of 22,000 square meters, the exhibition featured 490 exhibitors from 42 countries, who presented the technologies and services from all segments of the transport and logistics industry. it attracted over 15,300 trade visitors from 73 countries.

bondex as one of the exhibitors, showcased our business scope and corporate culture to trade visitors and counterparts coming from all over the world. delegates from huadong branch, shanghai branch and exhibition freight department participated in this event, to introduce our business to trade visitors, whom showed their great interests in cooperation with us.

this fair not only brought to us potential clients, but also more importantly served as a perfect platform for market players in the transport and logistics section to meet and share the market trends. during the 3-day fair, we met with counterparts from asia to africa, from europe to america. some of them we had already cooperated with and now we are seeking more cooperation in other parts of business. more of them were new to us. not to say those even new to the market, in financing, risk control, consolidated air booking, easier-handling lifting equipment, etc.

as a forwarder, we handle different kinds of goods from time to time. it could be technical to handle some of them. from tlc, we found potential suppliers coming from some niche markets. we found a local company who is specialized in handling hazardous cargo, another in handling oversized cargos, and an italian company who provide complete supply chain management for fashion companies and part of its services is very helpful to us. these companies give us more alternatives and will possibly help us in cost control.

chinese counterpart seeking cooperative opportunities
john wu of shanghai branch discussing with russian exhibitor

introducing to exhibitor from hamburg

discussing with chinese counterpart

a glance at bondex’ booth

song chang of exhibition freight dept driving newly-released light forklift