"enthusiastic bondex with you and me"-九游会棋牌

"enthusiastic bondex with you and me"-- the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony of bondex (the 10th station) and cross year evening party of zhengzhou branch company closed in a satisfactory way.
publish time:2013/1/6 0:00:00

countdowns, lamplight show, passionate chorus, horse riding dance, time-travel drama, voting for “achiever of the year”... all these events were in the evening show of "enthusiastic bondex with you and me" –it was also the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony of bondex (the 10th station) and cross year party of zhengzhou branch company, which was held in angang hotel at 19:00 on december 30th, 2012. group company president mr ronald tang, air transportation business general manager mr yongnan jin, customs affairs center general manager mr. ming zhai, human resources general manager ms. cuizhi geng and process optimization department general manager ms. ying gao attended the party and watched the show. the atmosphere of the party is warm and festal. colleagues participated the show have gained a tacit understanding between the enterprise and themselves.

with the unique light effects in the opening ceremony, the show started the prelude with a song full of bondex spirit " full bloom in life"; a dynamic horse ride dance in talk show drama “henan, on the tip of the tongue” has raised the first climax of the evening, it drove the audiences crazy along with the music; then an ancient costume drama “the imperial’s concubine” has led everybody together to encounter a time travel comedy, it has caught everybody’s eyes... fantastic drama, modern dance, funny crosstalk, exciting luck draw, the entertainments drove people laugh, enchanted in the deep feeling of songs, and drove people extremely nervous from time to time.

"twenty years ago, we established the company with courage, sincerity, unity and innovation, and we have gone all the way to achieve today’s success. today, we can't have the slightest slack, we are going to face tenacious struggles; tomorrow, we will fly high; tomorrow, bondex's future will be better!" along with the familiar melody of the famous song “unforgettable tonight”, with our best wishes, came to the end of the party.

the evening party has enriched the spare time life of employees; provide employees with a larger performance stage. at the same time, it enhanced the employees’ sense of identity and perception of affiliation to the company, and it has fully embodied the passionate bondex people's efforts to development and constant pursuit to better future!