"human resources management for non-九游会棋牌

"human resources management for non-human resources managers" training was held in zhengzhou
publish time:2013/6/20 0:00:00

in order to improve company management personnel’s ability in human resource management, and combined with our actual demand, the company organized "human resources management for non-human resources managers" training inzhengzhouon may 25th and 26th. we have invited famous lecturer of human resources management professor mingjun qiu to conduct the training, 46 colleagues fromzhengzhou, xi 'an,chengdu,chongqing,beijing,tianjin, weihai, and weifang branch office have attended the training.

professor qiu has started the training form the topic of attentive understanding of non-human resource management, introduced a series of intractable problems we were facing due to the rapid company expansion, and gradually guided everyone to consider the actual problems we have met in our routine work from the angle of company's overall strategy, explored the problems from insight, and taught us to distinguish the priorities of the problems and divided practical problems into different categories with a "s" chart, so as to solve the problems with proper “paths”. then professor qiu has explained the five links in human resources management duties from talents selection to talents retention. professor qiu has introduced many cases in his consulting project, and made analysis. in the meanwhile, he has also introduced a series of management tools for the students to learn and apply during the course of making case analysis and teaching knowledge.

our colleagues have engaged themselves in training actively, answering questions enthusiastically, and utilizing the opportunities of interactions to deepen training impression. in this training, the lecturer have made the participants to notice some details we have ignored in daily management, helped us to have a better understanding of human resource management responsibilities and the corresponding work divisions. everyone has expressed the intention of applying the knowledge actively when going back to work; some colleagues also said they would organize relevant training to employees as soon as possible, trying to share the knowledge, skills and tools with more colleagues.