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walking on the silk road
publish time:2015/7/1 0:00:00

on june 24th, 2015, director of shandong democratic national construction association mr. yonghui yu and his five retinues arrived at bondex and had a cordial conversation with general manager mr. ronald tang. the purpose of the visit was to call on member companies in depth on behalf of the association, understanding the development status of member companies, and studying how the enterprises overcame difficulties and thriving in the business. general manager mr. ronald tang expressed his particular gratitude to the government's concern, and frankly he said that the company has encountered many problems and through the platform built by the association, the company has obtained a lot of support and help from the government, which is very helpful to the enterprise.

during the meeting, general manager mr. tang focused on company’s business related with “one belt and one road” policy (old silk road economic belt and maritime silk road of the 21st century) and made his accurate analysis. mr. tang said, “one belt and one road” is an opportunity for bondex to go out and do logistics business, in the past more than a year’s time, the company’s railway transport business in xinjiang was carried out successfully, in the mean time, many projects were still under negotiation, all of these are the hopes of company's sustainable development. by studying the "going out policy", bondex has learned how to work together with the government; how to cooperate with the state-owned enterprises, which are helpful for the company’s future development. for this year, the economic situation is not optimistic, but bondex is still full of dynamic and confidence in the business. through the pre-contact with many parties and enterprises, we believe, bondex will become the most advanced logistics enterprises in the future

the talks was undertaken in a friendly atmosphere, everybody has had a good time, we talked about business developments, talked about new ideas, and talked about the internet services, the leaders from democratic national construction association said that this year the economic pressure was so large, but there were always good enterprises from any industry, we should learn from the well developed companies find suitable ways for our own development. mr. tang and director yu had discussion and exploration in-depth in a number of specific industries, and changed their minds about how to “go out” for the enterprises in shandong province in the future development process, how to effectively develop under the guidance of the policy and how to make development basing on inherent advantages and seek broader development opportunities

for the entire morning, mr. tang talked with the guests, the conversation topics changed from overseas to domestic, from logistics to manufacturing, from government decision-making to the government-enterprise cooperation, the contents were extensive and effective, all the people presented in the meeting has the feeling that "listen to the gentlemen’s words are better than reading ten years’ books”.