win-win negotiation - "growing together with customers" "training
publish time:2014/11/7 0:00:00

from october 25 to october 26, 2014, the company organized "win-win negotiation - growing together with customers" training at beihai hotel in qingdao. the training invited li peng, who has rich sales experience and consulting experience in training, to give lectures forty-five colleagues from various departments and branches of the company participated in the training.

negotiations exist in the lives and work of each of us. undoubtedly, negotiation is an effective way to strive for maximum benefits. from the perspective of advocacy and development trend, "win-win negotiation" is undoubtedly the best way to resolve conflicts and ensure the interests and needs of both parties. however, there are many obstacles to "win-win negotiation" in practical work. how to seek a win-win outcome through certain preparation, negotiation principles, methods and techniques is the main purpose of this training. two-day training mr. li explained a lot of knowledge, principles, methods and techniques for everyone, and used the learned knowledge in practice through some group discussion exercises in some negotiation cases of business negotiations.

everyone said that the skills and methods learned in the training will have a positive guiding effect on future work. the discussions and discussions in the classroom also give us a lot of enlightenment. all of us hope that we will continue to exchange and learn from each other in future work.