2014 expansion training bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

2014 expansion training
publish time:2014/9/25 0:00:00

from september 12 to september 14, 2014, the company organized the expansion training with the theme of "happy experience feeling of passion" at laoshan expansion training base. 59 colleagues from all departments and branches of the company participated in this expansion training.

the two-day extension covers the following topics: team building and icebreaking, trusting fallback, double ladder, harvest season, challenge 150 and graduation project. in the meantime interspersed with a variety of morning exercise games and imaginative, creative full of stage performances.

on the evening of december 12, "ice-breaking" let everyone know each other from strangers. two days of training to expand let everyone know from the familiar. after two days of expansion, everyone had a new understanding of the concept of "team". from a personal challenge project to a two-person teamwork project to a teamwork project, we experienced a lot in less than two days. many colleagues first learned from the phone. two days of expansion make these most familiar strangers sound and smile become more clear and vivid.

this expansion to work closely with everyone, with a brave, confident, cooperative team spirit to successfully complete the challenges of each project. this development has cultivated everyone's sense of responsibility, promoted mutual understanding and enhanced staff's sense of unity and cooperation and collective honor.