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chongqing smooth operation of the boeing 787 rudder shipped
publish time:2014/8/1 0:00:00

as the aircraft manufacturer giant in the united states and the world, boeing developed the "dreamliner" boeing 787, claiming to be the world's first large-scale composite body made of aircraft. the plane turned left and right in the air, in the pneumatic layout by changing the force around to achieve. to change the force around the plane, you have to rely on the rudder left and right swing. about 10 meters high, about 3 meters long, about 1 meter wide, this guy like a trapezoidal metal door, is controlling the "dreamliner" boeing 787 flight direction of the rudder.

as a logistics service provider for this big guy, our company's air transportation department in chongqing started tracking the tickets in may 2014. however, chongqing airport had never exported long and wide cargo (1150 * 325 * 100) in order to ensure the delivery of goods on time and safely to our customers, we conducted various coordination with relevant departments of the airport, including chongqing uniforms group and china airlines. after more than two months of repeated demonstration and coordination, we finally formulated a series of practical measures feasible logistics solutions.

the ticket arrived in chongqing on july 24 and loaded on july 26 ci5998 (ckg-tpe).

at 18:00 on july 24, the goods arrived at the chongqing airport cargo terminal, chongqing company's field colleagues and airport service workers in chengdu colleagues help, under the guidance of the cargo safely and accurately hoisted to 20 feet board, and by clothing and unloading personnel pulled to the airport security provisions of the 24-hour parking inspection area.