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"public expression of charm speech wisdom" training
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from july 19 to july 20, 2014, the company organized the training of "public expression charm speech wisdom" at beihai hotel in qingdao. the training invited experts from china's public express business lectures and china charm eloquence coach chen lian and speakers from companies 61 colleagues from departments and branches attended the training.

chen's course begins with a journey of discovery, a journey of melting ice and a journey of exploration. during the two days, professor chen gave a public speech on the basis of three parts: typhoon, content and presentation methods were wonderful. courses, chen gave us a lot of ideas, principles and methods. for example: the speech "six to reincarnation", typhoon training six law, speech content of the "golden three-point" and so on. at the end of the course, professor chen also explained the contents of inter-departmental communication and proposed "four basic principles" of inter-departmental cooperation and communication.

two-day course, chen interactively designed in the interactive q & a session, we actively participate, scrambling. in order to get a sense of collective honor, in order to be able to take the first step, many of my colleagues who are introverted are usually rushing to the stage to speak. some colleagues said: the kind of scenes that came to power to answer questions are in primary and secondary schools in memory. these two days seem to have returned to the school classroom. not broken, chen help them out of this seemingly difficult first step.

the greatest achievement of the trainees is their deep understanding of the various techniques and etiquette the public need to express. in addition, students learned how to get started, how to design content and how to get better endings. at the same time, they also learned ways and means of alleviating tensions and gestures in public speaking. there is god, in an orderly manner, the truth!

professor chen's teaching is full of expressive and contagious. to impart knowledge and inspire wisdom, chen's curriculum is full of philosophy. use the words of trainee liu yiwen: "this training really value!" after the trainees feedback questionnaire on the training of the overall satisfaction reached 99%.

"the end of the course is the real start of learning," and many colleagues said they should return to the department to apply what they have learned in their work practice and contact them for practical training so as to consolidate what they have learned.

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chen lian teacher training in more than 10 years for hundreds of outstanding trades in all walks of life have done related training, training has been widely recognized enterprises, student satisfaction has always been high. professor peng qingyi chen lian teacher's evaluation: "chen lian is very good, his passion and language fluency, logic and on-site ability to control are beyond my imagination, very good."