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customs new manifest seminar
publish time:2014/3/20 0:00:00

on march 19, 2014, leaders from qingdao customs control customs office, customs technology office and customs data sub-center visited haidian banda to hold a seminar on the upcoming new customs manifest of the customs. relevant leaders and colleagues from information center and marine transportation center attended the meeting discuss.

it is understood that many countries in the world import and export manifest reporting system is significantly different from our country, the united states ams declaration, canada's aci declaration, the eu's ens and japan's afr reporting system will be shipped before the goods will be nvocc sent directly to the customs, the customs firmly grasp the logistics supply chain "entity" unit, the control of goods more convenient and efficient. at the meeting, all members of the general administration of customs order no. 172 "people's republic of china customs import and export means of transport management" has launched a lively discussion.

order 172 will be more suitable for the current development of international logistics needs, give full consideration to the safety and convenience of international trade, and provide more help to the customs supervision. through information technology to achieve networking and exchange of logistics data, the construction of a unified national logistics information monitoring and management system, and constantly improve the level of intelligence and intensive logistics monitoring. the logistics information monitoring and management system developed by the administration includes the import and export manifest management system, the temporary container arrival and departure management system, the inbound and outbound transportation vehicle dynamic management system, the bayonet control and networked management system, and other subsystems. such logistics information monitoring and management system to ensure the movement of vehicles and goods, detention are under the effective monitoring of the customs and excise department, to achieve the flow of goods, information flow, document flow "confirming each other, always consistent", so as to optimize front-line regulation and services, and effectively strengthen the actual supervision the goal of.

among them, the main body of the transmission of electronic manifest, the advantages of the new model and data transmission, we reached a consensus. rely on the fair, just and standard logistics data platform and efficient information technology can greatly reduce the data circulation, the customs can get accurate and timely data, the efficiency of customs clearance will be greatly improved, and social costs will be reduced at the same time.