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bondex became the sole provider of logistics services for the 2014 qingdao international horticultural exposition
publish time:2013/11/20 0:00:00

in october 2013, haiphou bangda became the sole supplier of logistic services for the 2014 qingdao international horticultural exposition with its strength and rich professional knowledge. it is mainly responsible for customs clearance of exhibits in various countries, global door-to-door transportation of goods purchased by the sub-committee, distribution, performing arts logistics and more.

the world horticultural exposition (horticultural exposition) is a professional international exposition approved by the international association of horticultural producers (aiph). it is a non-traded exhibition that shows the world's top quality horticultural products and scientific and technological achievements. it is called the world's horticultural culture and garden science "olympic games." since the first international horticultural exposition was held in rotterdam, the netherlands in 1960, more than 30 world horticultural expositions have been held since 2011.

on september 15, 2009, at the 61st general assembly of the international society of horticultural producers (aiph) held in zaragoza, spain, qingdao's bidding delegation received a brief and wonderful statement and a perfect reply. it was attended by all the participants of the unanimous endorsement and extensive support, finally won the right to host the 2014 world horticultural exposition, will be held april to october 2014 in qingdao city 100 guoshan forest park. on august 31, 2011, approved by the state council, the state forestry administration, china council for the promotion of international trade, china flower association and shandong provincial people's government jointly held the 2014 world horticultural exposition hosted by qingdao people's government. the theme of this exhibition is "let the life go into nature," and the english theme is "from the earth, for the earth."

it will be the first ever global horticultural exhibition featuring mountainous features in the coastal city of china. the total planning area of the park is 2.41 square kilometers. the conference is planned to be held from april to october 2014 and it is expected to receive about 12 million domestic and foreign tourists .

qingdao horticultural park planning a total area of 241 hectares, divided into the theme area (164 hectares), experience area (77 hectares) in two parts. among them, the theme area reflects the creative theme of the park planning and the main exhibition contents. the experience area mainly aims to ease the flow of people, supplement the functions, highlight the local features, and increase the investment attraction capacity, which reserves space for the future development of the park.

the overall planning structure of the park can be summarized as "two axes and twelve parks". the two axes are the north-south "flower boulevard axis" (flower axis) and the east-west "boulevard axis" (tree axis); the 12 gardens are the theme parks of zhonghua garden, huayuan garden, tong meng park, science park, green park, the international park seven area plus the experience of the tea garden, agronomy, flower garden, garden 100, mountain park five area. at the same time, the two reservoirs in the park were named tianshui, the pool, the moral interaction between heaven and earth, initiation gardening essence. the overall planning ideas can be summarized as "tiannv scattered flowers, tianshui pond, colorful streamers, four seasons forever."

this is the second consecutive year that shanghai chengda has become one of the world's top large-scale logistics service providers since the 2010 shanghai world expo. believing that professional, united and dedication teams as well as rich logistics experience will certainly help to successfully hold the expo icing on the cake!