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after the expo bondex people create a brilliant future in shanghai - shanghai first batch of antique entry
publish time:2012/5/4 0:00:00

since the expo, our employees in east china have continuously expanded their emerging businesses. recently, after undertaking the business of valuables, they recently undertook the entry of antiques from spain under the multi-party negotiations.

antiques are ancient artifacts that are cherished, on which countless historical, cultural, and social messages are deposited that can not be replaced by any other artifact. as the age of antiques because of its vulnerability is also greatly increased, or even easily lose its own value, logistics, transportation, storage and handling extremely difficult. the antiques imported this time are mostly european antique furniture, porcelain, etc., the oldest dating back to the 17th century, are extremely vulnerable to damage, and this batch of antiques entered the customs is the first case of shanghai customs antiques go under the name of the general trade customs clearance, shanghai customs considerable attention. summing up all kinds of factors to our staff in east china can be described as a great challenge.

in order to ensure that the batch of antiques in the clearance, customs clearance, transportation and transportation are not flawed in every aspect, the division i division employees in three ways, their duties, data collation, on-site customs, contact customers to develop plans and transport process developed a series of programs, from the scene, 报检 报检, inspection, customs clearance, transportation, the entire arrangement of personnel escort, supervisor, in order to ensure foolproof.

the first batch of antique entry, no relevant experience can learn from, in order to ensure that the entry can be successfully completed, all staff in east china since the business negotiations with customers began to do related preparations. by the rich experience of finishing documents zhu liang responsible for the declaration of information, related certificates for the work. involving a total of 373 categories of six major categories, customs brokers colleagues actively ask customers to obtain information on all goods information, technical classification, and the production of related customs documents. as the goods have many 18-19th century paintings, sculptures and other works of art, they went to the bureau of arts and manpower to handle the import of artefacts. in the past 1 month overtime, all related certificates are complete, the declaration documents are classified correctly, and finally sent to the customs declaration, all documents were one-time review and approval, for this batch of anti-smuggling smoothly laid a solid foundation.

the entire logistics work, the inspection link is particularly critical, so the general trade imports of goods for the shanghai customs is the first contact, the customs requirements of its comprehensive inspection, and requested the customs section, audi section, inspection branch three subjects at the same time taking pictures of the site sampling, according to the documents one by one, as the value of antiques is an important concern of the customs and excise department, so in the process of clearance many times to discuss and communicate with the customer finally reached an agreement. from the point of view of shipment, the antiques in the container are not damaged during transportation. when packing, the antiques in the container are arranged to be quite dense and stuffed with some filler for damping treatment. in order to meet the comprehensive inspection of the customs, and to ensure that in the mending and packing process does not damage the goods, i sent an experienced customs manager to conduct full inspection of the inspection.

on april 27, 2012, the manager inspected the batch of antiques by escorting the inspector at customs inspection point in shanghai yangshan harbor with the client. the workers at the scene carefully carefully removed an antique piece of paper from a 45-foot container, put it in a safe place without any trace of mistakes and accompanied the customs to carry out comparisons of the documents and receipts of the exported antiques. the customs conducted a careful inspection of the batch of antiques , finally released at 2:13 pm the same day. after the customs officials were sent away, the workers in the field packed their antiques again. prior to the customer is most worried about is that in spain they are all experienced packing workers, and more than 20 years of operating experience of supervisors packing, and after digging boxes, the scene of the workers can not damage the case of antiques, the original was so tightly packed antiques loaded into the container. after nearly 1 hour of labor, field workers finally safely put all the antiques into the container, completely eliminating the customer's concerns.