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2012 company spring party
publish time:2012/3/9 0:00:00

with the joyful new year overture of "golden snake dance", the bondex 2012 golden long year gala opened at qingdao haiqing hotel. four host to the costume of the "new white snake legend" appearance, through time and space for everyone to send a different kind of new year wishes. then mr. tang hai, the president of the company, led everyone together to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

all branches and departments of colleagues also carefully prepared the show. weihai branch of the "lei dance", ministry of maritime mutes "magic pk", dance "i believe" air transport pieces "robbery", "four little swan dance", as well as the class mba students sketch "emergency room" and so on the show also continued to ignite the atmosphere of the scene.

"love and love in the world, starting a thousand miles outside the heart of a self-vein, wandering home tonight, perhaps across the window of the dream in the nirvana!" "love each other" chorus is the party to a climax.

"happy work, happy life" has always been bondex people's pursuit of work attitude and philosophy of life. the party is also organized to better enrich everyone's spare time. hope that everyone at bondex not only harvest the achievements of the work, but also harvest happy, happy life!