shandong foreign trade vocational college and bondx school-九游会棋牌

shandong foreign trade vocational college and bondx school-enterprise cooperation courses docking communication meeting held smoothly
publish time:2013/5/20 0:00:00

on the afternoon of may 16, zhou houcai, the vice president of shandong foreign trade vocational college, led the inspection and inspection and international professional freight forwarders to visit our company. the two sides jointly held a joint exchange of school-enterprise cooperation and exchange programs. mr. gao zhongji, vice president of the company attended the exchange meeting. six colleagues from ministry of shipping, air transport, customs brokerage, bonded logistics department and other departments attended the communication meeting as party experts.

shandong institute of foreign trade is our long-term partners, over the years for our company trained a large number of outstanding professionals, some of whom have gradually embarked on the management positions of various departments. at the meeting, the high representative company made a speech and welcomed vice president zhou houcai and his entourage. mr. gao summarized the interactive cooperation between our company and the foreign trade academy in the past years and thanked the foreign trade academy for delivering many outstanding talents to our company. president zhou expressed his gratitude to our company for giving this exchange of attention and support, and said that this exchange meeting is to make school teaching more in line with the actual needs of enterprises for talents.

in order to make the exchange more in-depth and effective, according to the opinions of both parties, the exchange will be conducted in the form of group exchanges of various specialized subjects. discuss lively and relaxed atmosphere, the two sides exchanged the contents of the conversation on the record, from time to time to ask a question on a continuous basis, greatly breaking the casserole asked the trend in the end. after more than two hours of group exchanges, experts from both sides conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as declaration practice, inspection services, freight forwarding practices and warehousing management practices. and left contact with each other to facilitate further exchanges in future work. this exchange has laid a good foundation for the further cooperation and exchange between our company and the institute of foreign trade.