september 23, 2011 financial daily reporter interviewed shipping center bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

september 23, 2011 financial daily reporter interviewed shipping center
publish time:2011/9/28 0:00:00

september 23, 2011, marine center accepted the financial daily interview.

during the interview, chen xin, general manager of cosco shipping center, first introduced the company profile in detail. from the coverage of the business to the current development strategy of the shipping center, he made a detailed explanation and analyzed the functions of each module of the shipping center as well as on the market the advantages.

journalists are not familiar with the logistics industry. colleagues at the shipping center are even more aware of some of the notional concepts such as lcl, fob and distribution.

during the interview, chen jing, manager of nvocc department, zhang wei, manager of liner department and zhao bei, manager of overseas department, all answered questions raised by reporters.

after interviewed by futai plaza office, reporters went to huangdao warehouse accompanied by chen xin and hui hui. the compact and timely pace of the warehouse, neatly stacked goods have aroused great interest journalists, they asked in detail about the rules of the various goods stacked and export lcl methods of operation, further understanding of the industry deepened.