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bondex 2011 annual meeting
publish time:2011/3/2 0:00:00

when we bid farewell to the full of warmth and passion of the spring of 2010,2011 has come. on february 19, bondex 2010 annual work summary and commendation ceremony was held in qingdao. mr. wang xi ping, president mr. tang hai, mr. xu yan, mr. gao zhongji, ms. zhang xiaoyan, mr. wu shiyao, chief financial officer ms. ma qimin, took a seat on the rostrum, all staff of all departments, general manager of branch offices and outstanding employee representatives more than 400 people attended the meeting. president mr. tang hai made the 2010 annual work report and continued to advocate the core concept of "new ideas and new developments". the same year the general assembly commended the 2010 outstanding staff.

in 2010, the company launched a series of reform measures including business development and organizational restructuring, and proposed a strategic plan of "second pioneering". in 2011, in the face of industrial upgrading and structural adjustment in all walks of life, the company seized the opportunity of the times to consolidate the traditional business areas while expanding its supply chain and related industries to new areas of its business. it is an important direction for the development of haiphou banda and an important issue for this annual meeting.

looking back over the past 18 years, we unite and work together to forge ahead with innovation and enthusiasm in full swing in the history of the carved our mark on the stage. the joy of growth has further inspired our beautiful vision for the future. we will take more responsibility and jointly write a new chapter with the passion, wisdom and strength of sustainable development!