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professional live animal clearance service
publish time:2018/10/4 0:00:00

on october 3, 2018, the 4118 uruguayan breeders imported for the first time at the shandong port, carrying the "girolando" express flight from the montevideo port of uruguay, finally arrived at the qianwan port area of qingdao port.

the bondex customs broker is responsible for the customs clearance of these animals. due to the impact of the typhoon, the schedule of this shipment was postponed repeatedly. the arrival date was postponed from september 27th to october 3rd. before the holiday, the leaders of qingdao customs also paid close attention to the ship's dynamics, and arranged overtime workers in advance to provide guarantees for customs clearance. huangdao customs has put forward a complete customs clearance program, and has carried out a series of deployments on declaration, inspection, de-control and release to ensure that customs clearance is completed in the shortest possible time.

when the ship arrives, it coincides with the national day holiday. the leaders of huangdao customs and qingdao dagang customs attach great importance to it. in order to ensure smooth customs clearance during the holidays, the customs animal and plant inspection and quarantine department organizes the ship generation, freight forwarding, terminal, disinfection company and development division in advance. the company communicated with the bangda customs brokers to develop a disinfection plan, sort out the work flow, submit emergency measures, and be fully prepared to avoid accidents.

according to the entry prevention and disinfection requirements for live animals, the entry breeding cattle port involves anchorage quarantine, port supervision and unloading, disinfection and other aspects. the entire customs clearance process requires a professional team to develop professional programs. in order to ensure foolproof, bangda customs brokers has conducted many business communication and exchanges with huangdao customs, qingdao customs animal and plant inspection and quarantine and disinfection companies, and has streamlined the work process over and over again, with a highly responsible attitude and rigorous work style. received the unanimous approval of the leaders.

the anchorage quarantine is the first link of the cattle clearance. the leaders at all levels of the customs also sacrificed the rest time and carried out the quarantine inspection in the shortest time. according to the on-board inspection certificate provided by the ship, they carefully checked the relevant information of the breeding cattle to ensure that the breeding cattle were issued without a risk, and issued a notice of berthing to grant berthing.

at about 3 pm, the ship was docked. we contacted the disinfection company and the team in advance to wait on the dock. the disinfection company first disinfected the dock. after the ship was docked, the vehicle was sanded for disinfection and then loaded. loading a car is a technical task, and it is also the most difficult. it not only needs to be closely coordinated with each link, but also avoids accidents during the loading process and causes damage to the breeding cattle. with years of work experience, we have an orderly dispatch in the field. after more than 40 hours of hard work, we finally completed the loading and unloading work safely and smoothly. on october 4th, the cattle and cattle entered the jiaozhou isolation field and began a 45-day quarantine.

the successful operation of the bulk cargo ship's live animal clearance business is inseparable from the team's efforts, putting customer needs first, is our eternal pursuit. because of profession, we are efficient; because of profession, we are not afraid.