tai’an bondex, a tour to maintain tai on the new year’s day 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

tai’an bondex, a tour to maintain tai on the new year’s day
发布时间:2013/1/24 0:00:00

on new year’s day, colleagues of tai’an branch office visited daizong archway – the first archway traveling to maintain tai from tai’an city. daizong archway is a decorated ancient archway with three gates and four pillars. it is said of bearing many touching fairy tales. as the starting point of climbing tomounttai, people who climb the mountain from beiguan route will pass from here. circular ridge beasts and slightly tilted eaves angle have increased the feeling of flowing and elegant, the surface of the four pillars are enforced by supplemented stone pillars, and with the background of the mountain tai, it increased the feeling of massiveness.

although the weather was cold, we were climbing the mountain in good mood. you could see plenty of infinite passion on our faces instead of feeling cold. we have taken some group photos at the archway.

after the archway, we were going all the way north and arrived at “yitian gate”. yitian gate is to the north ofred gate road, eastof zhongxi creek, west ofdazangrange. it is named by the red stone looks like the gates on south of the ridges. it was formally called “yitianmen archway”, built in the ming dynasty, with stone tablet written with big characters of "world wonders" and "zigzag road starting point" on sides of the archway by people of ming dynasty. at the back side of the archway, it is written with “tianjie fang”, built in jiajing years, ming dynasty.

during the tour, we have enriched our knowledge, enforced our will, also let everybody enjoy the pleasure of collective traveling. we would like to thank the company for offering us such a platform and we wish bondex a better tomorrow!