“bondex cup” knowledge competition closed successfully 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

“bondex cup” knowledge competition closed successfully
发布时间:2013/6/25 0:00:00

in the afternoon of june 22nd, the first session of "bandex cup" knowledge competition started in qingdaouniversity gymnasium.

in order to organize diversified business knowledge training more effectively, enrich the cultural life of employees, bondex has held the first session of knowledge competition, eight teams have participated in the contest, they were respectively qingdao branch office, logistics and home textile team, marketing center team, administration center team, air transport team, development zone team, bonded logistics team, processing zone team, shipping team, customs brokers team and the hai xin da team. each team was consisted of nine players, and the team has also brought a program to show its winning spirit. in order to have better service in the event, the committee has also formed a lot of supporting team which including the specialist group, referee group, host team, etiquette group, logistic group, program group, audio and video group and on-site coordination group. each project group has fully performed their duties. the specialist group has provided question bank and confirmed accuracy of the questions, and has given reasonable judgment in the event of a dispute; the referee group has produced a variety of forms in accordance with different text types, and has also made a detailed record; logistic group has been responsible for the food supplies of nearly 700 people at the contest site; audio and video group has made a lot of videos and ppt... we could not list the personnel one by one, so much thanks to the effort you have contributed.

the questions in this competition were divided into must answering questions, quick wit quiz, time limited questions and risk questions, most of the questions were from the question bank, a few were video questions or encyclopedic questions, this has virtually increased the difficulty level of the contest, during the whole process of the game, the links were controlled excitingly and orderly, some of the players were calm, some player were excited, some were regretful and some were cheerful, they have once pushed atmosphere of the stage to climax one after another.

at the same time, the program judge committee has given marks to the shows alternately inserted between matches. in order to let more employees melt into the company culture and participate in the activities organized by the company, the show judges were all elected from the new recruited employees who have served in the company for less than one year. quick songs and hot dances, funny dances and dramas, bel canto and high pitch soprano, rich and wonderful shows have fully entertained the audience.

finally we have come to the final round of risk questions, the scores of air transport team and qingdao branch office, logistics and home textile team were tied, as the result, we have to come to the overtime questions section, a showdown time! the hearts of the audience were pulled up, no matter which team would win; this last part of the contest would be full of excitement. air transport team has got the right to answer, but they have discard the right to the opponent, qingdao branch office, logistics and home textile team did not miss the chance, they have answered the question correctly and won the champion of the tournament.

even though many days have passed, the knowledge competition were still the topic of many people, all the people have given good remarks to the competition, and branch office colleagues have expressed a better understanding of company's corporate culture through the tournament they were also looking forward to having more wonderful activities in the future.

we would like to thank all the colleagues who have devoted themselves to the hard work in the events!