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brief news of “how to train dedicated employees”training
发布时间:2013/6/20 0:00:00

how to guide the department management level personnel making performance coaching to the employees more effectively and helping employees to acquire substantial growth has been a very important job since the company has carried out of performance management policy. based on this issue, the company has invited professor junquan ma from hejun consultants to conduct two subject training on the topic of how to train dedicated employees in may and june of 2013.

in the afternoon of may 30th, the company has organized the first training onhow to train dedicated employees. colleagues from shipping department, customs brokers, textiles and furniture department and exhibition department attended the training face to face, and colleagues of beijing, zhengzhou, chengdu, chongqing, xi’an, shanghai, taiyuanand other branch office attended the training by teleconference. professor ma has expounded on the topic of how to identify your own management style, how to determine department colleague's stage of growth and how to balance the management style and offer needed supports or help to each employee of different growth stage in the department in very simple language. the training started with reflections on actual cases, conducted by management style testing, based on the result of management style analysis, guided by management style with employee growth stage matching and combined with case analysis of different development stages of the employees, and it has given the participants a fantastic and impressive lecture.

the second training will be held in june, mainly face to the air freight department, bondex logistics, bonded logistics and colleagues from other related functional departments. the specific timing and other related matters shall be notified to related personnel before the training.