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2015 new recruits training newsletter
发布时间:2015/1/19 0:00:00

in order to meet the demands for all kinds of talents, from 5th to 8th january 2015, the company has organized a training program themed “flying our dreams together with bondex” for the new recruits inqingdao. the training lasted for four days; it was well prepared and rich in content. the scope of training covered the industry development and the company's strategy, from business knowledge to risk prevention methods, from business etiquette to personal growth, from interaction activities to port visit, each subject was a carefully prepared gift pack for the upcoming new colleagues to join bondex big family.

during the first day’s training camp, after a half-hour’s interactive activities in the game of "hand painting", new colleagues got to know each other and found the new friends who shared common interests. then, starting from industry development, vice president mr. zhang shared the development of logistics history and furthermore made a presentation to company's strategy and talent development under current economic environment. trainees have participated actively in swot analysis and made objective introductions about personal merits and demerits. ms. cuizhi geng used 10 stories about bondex development history, she has made a most sincere and vivid exposition to reveal the integrity, efficiency, development and innovation spirit s of bondex people. mr. quanxin ma from he jun consultation shared the story of “about growth” has dragged many trainees to meditation. the story of bamboo growth told us that rapid growth comes from solid accumulations; the story of cicada's growth told us trying to have the courage to face the changes and embrace the changes. to everyone’s excitement and delights, group company president mr. ronald tang has also made time to interact with trainees; mr. tang has given his in-depth talk based on the three questions about entrepreneurship, struggling, career development and prospects proposed by the trainees and exchanged views with trainees. he used his own experience to encourage everyone: grand strategies and beautiful visions were coming from hard working.

the following training was focused on business shares, colleagues from the shipping, air transports, customs broker, legal affairs, domestic logistics, exhibition transports, project logistics etc. have made wonderful presentations. the lecturers found the breakthrough points from daily life and connected with actual business analysis, combined with case analysis, from the perspective of the concepts; the trainers gradually found the way to the key points, and eventually complete a series of whole business process. the innovative curriculum design has made everyone know a lot of business knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere of imperceptible. in the afternoon of 7th january, every trainee has also made blue fantasy in group with colored pens; the younger trainees blended their own ideas and dreams into the teamwork, into bondex’s development blueprint. and everyone was eager to give his opinions about the business model of logistics, the future development of bondex, the future transportation sketch as well as the future teamwork expectations. some students believed that in the future of mobile and internet era the entire business operation could be completed through an ipad. some classmates believed all the hazardous parts of the future logistics transportation would be accomplished by robots. and other classmates dreamed to use a ufo as transportation means...imaginations were far, but many inventions were just based on our imaginations.

in the morning of 8th january, the company arranged a site visit opportunity for everybody, the trainees visited hai xin da apparel inspection workshop, warehouse, and theqianwanharbor. the trainees were just graduated from school, they were not strange to the terminologies in the class, but they still felt full of freshness at the sites. in the afternoon, the company invited person in charge from shipping, airfreight, land transportation and railway transportation departments to communicate with the trainees. students raised concerned questions about career planning, salary and welfare, personal growth, the future business and many other aspects respectively, and the managers have given the answers from different angles with a lot of witty remarks. the communication field was filled with full of laughter. all departments were full of expectations for these new colleagues; they hoped the freshmen could inject fresh blood to the development of bondex.