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2015 bondex second installment of new staff training
发布时间:2015/5/13 0:00:00

in order to meet the employment needs of departments as well as to develop reserve talents for the company, the company has successively participated in the campus recruitment conferences of universities such as haida university, qingda university, foreign trade vocational college, and ocean shipping crew institute since october last year. from nearly 500 candidates more than 40 students were selected to join the company. the second phase of the new employee training was kicked off on may 5 in this context. the experts from the company dai caitang gave a new feast for the new colleagues.

at the beginning of the training, after viewing the company's corporate image, zhang always made a brilliant analysis of the internal and external environment and development trend of the logistics industry through bondex, and then told everyone about the company's strategic planning and talent development made a detailed share. students listened to the eager, borrowed swot tools, conducted a fierce discussion of their own status quo an objective analysis and elaboration of the future development is full of longing.

in the next three days, colorful content will unfold one after another:

with a clear idea, huihui, a shipping center, not only shows the style of experienced seafarers, but also makes it clear to everyone how the goods made in china go global by sea while the beautiful yachts enter china from abroad.

what are the advantages of resources in the domestic logistics? which advanced information technology and refined management measures to be adopted will promote the development of business, etc. li hangliang, a domestic logistics center, gives a quick talk and gives us an intuitive visual display.

wang xiaoting of the ministry of air transport took everyone on an air trip to share with students the cases of live animal transport, cash imports, event logistics and other operations operated by the ministry of air transport. last but not least, it showed that the air transport team was full of vitality gas god.

business products, market development is crucial, and how to advance the risk prevention, escort business is also crucial, the transportation management center liu xuesong cited the code, his right, with a vivid case of "our legal affairs that those things ".

the "bondex story" by geng cuizhi from transportation management center reviews the story of the company's twenty-two years of development from six different perspectives.

wang jiajun declaration of the import and export declarations business were done after a detailed introduction, respectively, and carefully designed some interesting customs clearance issues, and students to interact.

zang jing, a seafaring company who once participated in large-scale logistics projects such as the world expo, brought everyone into one of the company's exhibitions, so that in the subsequent interactive sessions, several students were still eagerly asking: how to become a show logistics home hands?

zhang quanwen of the railway transportation center came back to qingdao from the field early in the morning and set foot on the whiteboard with the striking headline "bondex, railcom and eurasia." tell.

fuzhou yantai branch passed to everyone is "salesman self-cultivation", professional a.s.k, sales of "secret 笈" it! fu chuanxiong punchline and a wealth of dry goods so that everyone excited, the two originally reported the operation of customer service post quiet girl, determined to do sales in two years!

these lecturers are looking for an entry point in daily life and explain the actual business at the same time, with practical cases and gradually into the various business critical points, the new curriculum design so that students in a relaxed atmosphere unwittingly learned a lot.

on the 8th, the company organized a visit to the haixinda seized product inspection factory and qianwan port terminal. the students who rarely got to the front line of the business were full of freshness and curiosity to the scene. many questions were raised along the way. although drizzle, but did not weaken the students interest.

four days of training ended satisfactorily, classmates go home. in the survey, students feel a lot of emotion:

"i did not expect logistics before is a very challenging and informative industry".

"training to prepare very carefully, the details are also in place, serious and reliable. the teacher was very good, and so many good people together, it will be well led. (looks very professional teachers did not laugh distance feel good!) ";

"through this training, the scale of the company, its comprehensive business, its position in the industry, its future development, its personnel training programs and the harmonious atmosphere among its colleagues are all very attractive to me."

"i think i can grow happily inside ..."