american mba teachers and students come to shanghai for bondex hr training 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

american mba teachers and students come to shanghai for bondex hr training
发布时间:2014/5/27 0:00:00

may 16, 2014, shanghai, sunny.

a group of mba teachers and students from exotic countries walked into the door of bondex shanghai branch. at the invitation of the company's clients, haida banda will conduct a human resources training for mba teachers and students from the united states based on its hr experience.

as a window of the company in east china, shanghai branch has held various meetings with a number of foreign merchants and foreign agents, but it is the first time to train foreign mba students. the company attaches great importance to this training, which is an invincible challenge for the training of jin rong as a lecturer.

although the business is very busy on weekdays, but since the date of this training notification, kim rong will work overtime to actively prepare for the training: finishing production conference ppt, communication and coordination with the headquarters to understand the needs of students and so on. in order to ensure the effectiveness of this training, the human resources of the company headquarters also give strong support to help amend the ppt, the training content guidance and recommendations.

14 o'clock in the afternoon, the meeting began on time, the entire training lasted two and a half hours. xiao introduced a welcoming speech by the host jin rong, overseas department lu na do translation and other auxiliary work, training content includes ppt content to explain, corporate videos broadcast, q & a exchanges, a link closely, the united states mba teachers and students for the curriculum content showed a keen interest, seriously listen to questions from time to time lecturer, interaction. when they watched our propaganda film and the world expo to thank the short film, they made occasional admirations and feelings. many students showed their interest in the work of our company and raised some questions of their concern. after that, teachers and students visited the shanghai branch, and we are full of praise for our office environment.

in the past month, the well-prepared training course came to an end in a raucous and approachable voice. on the occasion of the farewell, customers and teachers and students repeatedly expressed their gratitude and their intention to do so. this training is not only an opportunity to exchange human resources with international friends, but also an opportunity to show bondex to important clients. i believe in everyone's solidarity and efforts, the company's future will be more brilliant.