the first "bondex cup" choir competition 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

the first "bondex cup" choir competition
发布时间:2014/3/7 0:00:00

on the afternoon of march 1, 2014, the first "bondex cup" choir contest kicked off at the grand theater of qingdao university.

the competition aims to motivate the staff team unity and cooperation in the form of choral competitions, actively fighting. this competition a total of eight teams participating, each team needs to concert repertoire requirements, choice track two tracks, the race to take three criteria expert judges and eight common public judges scoring.

14:00 pm, accompanied by melodious music, presenters who came to the fore leisurely, dignified and beautiful, handsome elegance. brief introduction of competition requirements and scoring standards, the curtain slowly opened, the center team first appearance. they first performed the song titled "the songs of the yangtze river," and the blue dress was as clear and clean as the river. the audience was encouraged by the power of singing and the atmosphere was warm. they opened a good beginning for the choir competition.

with a good beginning, the following programs are also conducted in an orderly and smooth manner, marketing center "allah khan" melody active and interesting, with their exceptionally beautiful national costumes, showing a strong exotic; customs line a " i love you, china "under the standard of singing bel canto singing wang jiajun, the game into a small climax. we all have mixed feelings that the gap between professionals and amateurs is indeed not a little bit; the development of branch companies \ bonded logistics \ export processing zone team's "rejuvenation" sounded the glorious course of development of the motherland, with a military uniform, sonorous and powerful ; "five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, the victory song how loud ... ..." haixinda team "singing the motherland," the melodress majestic, sing the momentum of the prosperity of the motherland, it is exciting, and was dressed in navy blue dress with shiny jewelry is modern beauty to the extreme; bangda logistics \ qingdao branch \ provisions textile furniture varsity track "my motherland" with a way of harmony singing and four separate parts of the chorus form to the professional level and a step closer to; air corps optional tracks for the "run", dynamic beat, neat smile, let the atmosphere of youth instantly spread throughout the audience under the atmosphere set off another small upsurge ; "please put my songs back to your home, please leave your smile ......" marine team of choice track "singing with a smile," the song mild and elegant, as the lark in the woods tweets. accompanied by this lively song, all the concert track this end. i believe today's song will be deeply in everyone's heart.

during the competition, the maritime ministry, air transport department, customs brokerage and marketing center, the four teams also dedicated a program for everyone, selling meng's "where do you want to go", the dynamic "now" rich national style "spanish girl" as well as science and technology lifestyle laser dance "flash", also no way inferior to undergo professional instructor of choral programs, dynamic picture, different dress chorus let this game become a real visual feast.

finally, after the judges carefully, carefully judge the final customs broker team won a gold medal with 95.07 points of the event. banda logistics / qingdao branch / textile and furniture as well as air transport team on behalf of ensemble won the silver and bronze, the remaining five teams junhuo excellence award.

at this point the first "bond cup" came to a successful conclusion. today we are on stage to show the supremacy of style, tomorrow we sweat drops three feet to continue writing on the brilliant bangda!