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workplace emotions and stress management training
发布时间:2013/12/5 0:00:00

from november 24 to november 25, 2013, the company organized a special training on "management of emotions and stress in the workplace" at beihai hotel in qingdao. the training invited renowned staff psychologist wang ziheng to give lectures and lectures from all departments and branches of the company 55 colleagues attended the training.

during the two-day course, ms. wang explained everything from regulating emotions, understanding stress, raising faith, working happily, building influence and establishing harmonious interpersonal relationships. among them, the methods and perspectives of recognizing the belief behind language, raising faith faithfully, establishing new thinking path, psychological projection theory, self-psychological suggestion, using assertion to enhance self-image, job burnout and psychological intervention have all brought much inspiration and help to everyone.

many colleagues said that such a course is very practical. it can be applied not only to daily work but also to the daily life of the family. at a time when work is progressing faster and faster, many people are under pressure. most of them are thinking about how to alleviate the pressure by reducing the source of pressure, but as the growing faster and more pressured the workplace elite, this approach is clearly more and more unrealistic. wang's curriculum is good for us to provide another idea: how to reduce the pressure source, through the reconstruction of thinking, release of reorganization to decompression. many colleagues said they hoped to share with their team members, colleagues and family members after returning to benefit more people.