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bondex launches mba program to develop elite management team
发布时间:2011/11/3 0:00:00

the sustained rapid growth of china's economy has exposed chinese enterprises to unprecedented opportunities and challenges. in this rapidly changing era, the managers of enterprises must constantly break through the traditional thinking, improve their management quality, and lead the enterprises and teams to excellence.

the mba program is just one way to foster high-level, integrated management talent. bondex has invested nearly 2 million yuan into the mba program and is committed to nurturing outstanding senior managers of "good management, fine management, and leadership" to help them systematically gain international and domestic advanced management concepts and commercial experience in a short period of time and grow into meet the current and future needs of the senior management talent.

bondex mba advanced seminar hired well-known experts in various fields of teaching, in teaching methods to diversify. in addition to the core curriculum, we will also carefully arrange a variety of activities including expanding training, theme salons, special class meetings, book guides and visits by famous enterprises. curriculum lectures and case studies, group discussions and actual combat exercises; "transforming tao into practice and using techniques" transforms knowledge into abilities and translates abilities into driving force for the growth of enterprises and individuals.

bondex mba class opening ceremony and the first class was held in qingdao on october 21-23, 2011. the leaders of the company, mr. tang, mr. gao, mr. zhang, mr. wu and mr. ma, and the project contractor, dong attended the opening ceremony, and more than 50 participants from various departments and branches of the company attended the ceremony. at 8:30 on the 21st, the opening ceremony was eagerly aroused in everyone's curtain. first of all, mr. tang hai, the general manager of the project, made a heart-warming speech on the company's development goals and the plan of training cadres. then xu and dong's two academic supervisors respectively introduced the project teachers and service support and expressed their opinions the requirements and expectations of the students. in a warm atmosphere of music, general tang, xu dong and gao jointly launched the crystal ball, announcing the official launch of the bondex 2011 mba advanced seminar. subsequently, tang always announced a list of class committees elected by the students, and awarded the class flag to lu ming, the squad leader; lu ming took the class flag to lead all the students to solemnly promise: "... have the courage to meet the higher challenge!

the 2011 mba class the first class includes "team pyramid" and "effective manager." every project in "team pyramid" brings new ideas and enlightenment to the students. especially "tower of babel" made the participants profoundly understand that clear and clear objectives and tasks, prompt and good communication and cooperation are the successful accomplishment of the work important goal of the protection. the "effective manager" is to enable the participants to comprehend and gain much of the management's true meaning from the laughter; the selected cases are all things that often happen to them. the real and appropriate but tricky teacher xue canhong the solution to counseling often thought-provoking, the slightest wake-up dreams.

bondex 2011 mba commencement ceremony and first class ended successfully. from now on, all trainees have to face the challenges of happiness and toughness. in the coming year, everyone will be fulfilling, busy and unforgettable. all the students will work together to create a good learning environment and environment. in this long journey as a superb manager, the trainee needs to be both a practitioner who does not abandon and who does not give up, and a practitioner who is happy and wise. we believe that: mba class demonstrated elite talent cluster effect, students good quality and excellent, will surely make sure that the banda people tomorrow more brilliant hope!