leader's sword -九游会棋牌

leader's sword - problem analysis and resolution
发布时间:2011/9/20 0:00:00

from september 3-4, 2011, the company held training on the theme of "leader's sword - problem analysis and resolution" held in qingdao haiqing hotel. more than 50 colleagues from various departments of the company and branches all over the country attended this training.

"the sword of the leader" is made by guy, the founder of alamo learning systems, a top us training and consulting firm. mr. hale, who was developed 30 years ago, aims to improve individual and organizational thinking skills and thereby enhance systematic curricula that address problem-solving skills. the course includes four complete sets of analysis tools: scenario analysis, cause analysis, decision-making and plan analysis, and analyzes the four questions of "what is? why? what are you doing?" fact, grasp the key issue. proactive, thinking process, conscious and ability is the core of the three core concepts.

the training invited to china "leader of the sword," the chief chinese authorized lecturer, china's rational thinking management training first person - mr. liu baigong speaker. through the excellent instruction given by the teachers, the trainees learn how to find the root causes of problems scientifically and effectively, and grasp the key to solve the problems so as to solve the problems and make the correct decisions. in everyone's nervous thinking, two full days of training was completed. we all lamented: this course is too helpful for their own breakthrough in thinking!