bondex“non-human resources manager training” was held successfully
发布时间:2018/7/2 0:00:00

in order to further enhance the management ability of the company's management personnel and maintain the development of human resources within the incentive organization, the company conducted a two-day training course on "human resources management of non-human resources managers" in chengdu on june 30, 2018. the training is based on the theme of “selecting talents, nurturing talents, using talents, and retaining talents” and hires professional training instructors to give classes to everyone.

there are five main contents of this training:

first, the function is clear

all managers are human resource managers. how do managers and hr departments effectively divide and collaborate? how to cooperate to maximize benefits? it is particularly important to clarify the functions. the teacher explained in detail the duties and division of work of the line manager and the human resources department. it is repeatedly emphasized that the team organization relies on cooperation and requires each team member to work towards a common goal. hr should go deep into the business team, fully listen to the grassroots situation at the grassroots level, and make policies and decisions that meet actual needs. at the same time, each linear department should also adjust the old concept and form a good cooperation and cooperation with the human resources department to jointly manage the personnel of the department.

second, recruitment selection articles

talent is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. the selection of talents also requires an effective division of labor between the manager and the human resources department. the department manager needs to conduct detailed and accurate analysis of the vacant positions and clarify the requirements for the job, which will help the human resources department to accurately screen the resume information. this part of the teacher explained how to develop a reasonable interview process and professional interview skills, combined with the video case of the interview to give a comment, and give a correct explanation of the interview questioning skills. through the behavioral event interview method (star), quantitative design score interview form, and focus on seven types of candidates, we can effectively help us achieve the goal of “selecting people”.

third, cultivate education articles

educating people is the main pillar of the stability and construction of the sector. building a talent training system and cultivating the department's “four beams and eight pillars” is the key content of the manager and human resources department. talent inventory, talent selection, training development, communication and feedback, promotion and development... new employee counseling rules, double-layer tutor system it can effectively coach new employees to quickly adapt to the team and enter a stable state; the talent assessment matrix can classify and judge all members of the department, so as to teach students in accordance with their aptitude; the internal lecturer system can effectively promote the healthy development of the team, and is an effective way to achieve an atmosphere of mutual help and learning.

fourth, reasonable use of articles

talents are used at a premium, and only by using what they can and to do what they want, can they maximize the value of talent. no one is perfect, no gold is enough, everyone has a lack of side, and there is also a good side. dialectical view of talent is the basis of employing people, maintaining full communication with employees, mastering their psychological dynamics, being sympathetic to their lives, treating their lives with tolerance, and demanding their work with strict discipline is the way to hire people. among them, the "three pens" working principle, the five-step method of work interviews, the debriefing of meetings, and the summary of regular resumptions are all effective tools and methods for actual landing.

v. incentives and retention articles

everyone has a welfare, and only a special minority can have it. learn to analyze problems, solve problems, fully understand the personal situation of employees, analyze employee demands, and rationally use the five principles of employee motivation, namely, inspiration rather than simple punishment, moderate incentives, fair treatment, timely incentives, focus on realistic performance, and choose appropriate incentives, whether positive or negative, should be time-sensitive.

through two days of concentrated study, everyone has added theoretical knowledge to human resource management and enhanced team cohesion. however, there are not enough methods and theories. practice is true and good at using the management tools given by the teachers in the course. the knowledge is better implemented.

the training was successfully completed. “there is no urine in the whole process”, “no sleepy” and “full of dry goods” is the most expressed voice of the students.