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"dream bondex" - haicheng bonda 2017 new employee growth training camp
发布时间:2018/5/28 9:09:00

 in order to help new employees to integrate into the corporate culture faster and better, to adapt to the work environment and work positions so as to change roles as soon as possible, the company organized a three-day induction training for new employees in qingdao from april 17 to april 17, 2017. the training is divided into three parts: "culture", "business" and "competency". the company co-ordinates the efforts of all parties and brings to its new colleagues a wonderful course with rich content, diverse forms and practicalities so that let's review the three days of wonderful content together!

day1 culture: beginning with a happy and relaxed mission, select the leader, team name and introduce yourself ... by breaking the ice, the new employees are more familiar with each other and the atmosphere in the classroom is gradually warming up.

mr. zhang, the vice president of the group, gave lectures on "organizational, cultural and talent development", reviewed the company's development over the past 24 years, and explained the corporate culture through storytelling. zhang always encourages new employees to set a clear goal and set a three-year plan. starting from the "three things" in the first year of work, you insist that you can see more than one day if you stick to it landscape. ms. ma brought her second course, "learning growth and career planning," to help you better understand yourself and find a career that suits your own development, and to gain growth through the accumulation of bits and pieces in work and life. then, peng haihong, wang hongchen, hu ziming, wang shicheng and hou chengcheng shared their growing experiences and insights in banda, their confusion in entering the workplaces, their worries in the face of setbacks, and the joy of exchanging hardships in return. seems to have become a flash of sparks, ignited the enthusiasm of students.

day2 business articles: zhao bei marine center for everyone to bring "maritime business" to share, through the scope of sea transport services and operating procedures, so that we have a better understanding of every aspect of shipping business; qingdao air cargo wang xiaoting in the "air operations" share, from the basics, success stories and the construction team to proceed from three aspects, for everyone to his right; xindyida wu jian for everyone to bring "cross-border e-commerce business," analyzed the status of cross-border e-commerce business and development trend, so that everyone has a new understanding; customs center zhai ming for everyone to explain the "customs business", from the national "belt and road" strategic policy analysis, from macro to micro for students to interpret customs business development trends.

lectures are rich and practical lectures, clear and easy to understand, in the introduction of theoretical knowledge at the same time with the specific case for further analysis and interpretation, from the beginning to the end for students to elaborate on the details of the business sector and should be mastered knowledge and skills , so that students are looking forward to the future work.

day3 capability articles: fu zhou, shandong area for the students to explain "sales skills", he deep sales skills, humorous conversation, the "structured sales" layers of decomposition, leads ask, in-do-out, parking, spin, etc. principles and ideas, so that students greatly increased interest in sales. the "workplace etiquette" brought by the operation management center wang bei bei allows students to realize how important business etiquette is in the workplace through demonstrations and explanations of workplace dress, etiquette and correspondence.

the training is divided into four groups pk, according to the three-day group results, the company awarded the prize winner "wolf totem" books, hope that the new colleagues to promote the wolf spirit, the courage to pursue their own goals. in the training summary session, the students enthusiastically spoke, reviewed the harvest experience of three days of learning, the new colleagues with their own job work imagine one year, three years later, full of longing for the upcoming career, they all said that they should start from the first small goal, work in a down-to-earth manner, be good at everything and strive to be an excellent bangda.

2017 new employee training camp was completed successfully. during these three days' short-term co-ordination, the study was tense and fulfilling. 57 career newcomers with dreams will embark on a journey to realize their dreams at bangui, hope that everyone can work as soon as possible and continue to grow and progress , in the post to do a better job, happy work, happy life!