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2019 outreach training camp
发布时间:2019/11/8 0:00:00

in october 2019, bondex colleagues gathered in qingdao to start an outreach training camp.

the colleagues who participated in the outreach training came from various central areas, and most of them met for the first time. through a series of ice-breaking activities such as selecting team leaders, thinking of slogans, and drawing team flags, everyone quickly became familiar with it. the four groups also gave themselves distinctive and full-featured team names, and the expansion training kicked off with the loud and full of fighting slogans of each group.

the two days were full and short. during the intense and joyous competition and cooperation, colleagues deepened their understanding of each other, gained valuable friendship, and realized the importance of cooperation and the strength of the team. i believe that colleagues will definitely the valuable experience experienced in the development training is applied to actual work, continuous breakthroughs and continuous growth!