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bondex spirit is cultivated in such way
publish time:2010/9/23 0:00:00

as shanghai expo 2010 has been on for nearly 100 days, our news reporter participated in expo 2010 met mr. yiming yang who is responsible for the expo performance resources logistics business. he is a senior manager in bondex logistics co., ltd, and the above-named company is the designated logistics providers of shanghai expo 2010.

when he met yang at 9 o’clock in the morning, yang had just arrived from his post of duty with a face written full of tiredness, it makes the reporters don’t have the heart to drag the interview into a long one. yang said that currently he has been accustomed to this busy lifestyle, especially from 12 o 'clock midnight to 6 o’clock in the morning, it is the prime time to bring the resources into the park, there is no carelessness at work, there is no time to waste; during the daytime, he must prepare the relevant paperwork for the materials which need to be delivered to the park at night, even a tiny mistake will cause an irreparable damage.

for several months, yiming yang and his team have been fighting in the front line of performance resources logistics transportation, based on this attitude, their work has been highly commended by the shanghai world expo bureau and the clients for many times, at the same time, it makes more and more people know about such an excellent team in bondex. as a principal who has experienced logistics projects of beijing olympic games and shanghai world expo such two major international events hold in china, yiming yang has quite a lot of feelings, also because of such experiences, he clearly knows about how important the responsibilities lies on the shoulders of the whole team. yang said, "it's not just me, every team member in the entire expo logistic project team in bondex works in this way, every one of us holds a common work spirit working in the front line".

in the end of the interview, the reporter has noticed, the spirit yang mentioned is the bondex spirit, this spirit exists in each link of the expo logistics team, although it cannot be seen or touched, it is real and can be felt. attentive services, and earnest working attitude and hardworking spirits are everywhere. whenever there is a newcomer involved in the team, yang will always emphasize on seriousness and carefulness in the work, let each team member know the responsibility on their shoulders. "bondex will accomplish what expo logistics has entrusted." it is not just a slogan; it penetrates in each heart of the bondex employees. and for this spirit, they called it "bondex spirit."