bondex logistics successfully finished the logistics work for world expo “sichuan activity week” bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

bondex logistics successfully finished the logistics work for world expo “sichuan activity week”
publish time:2010/9/15 0:00:00

recently, one official from sichuan culture department handed over one silk banner printed with “excellent service and excellent enterprise”to lu ming director of world expo project team of bondex logistics to extend their thankfulness to our company for the professional and top quality logistics services for 2010 shanghai world expo project during sichuan activity week.

as one of official logistics service provider of expo 2010 shanghai china, bondex logistics undertook most of logistics transport work of this activity week. we booked the transport vehicles in time and transported the materials in safe, timely and high efficient way which won high praises from shanghai world expo administration and sichuan culture department. meanwhile, this laid a solid foundation for sichuan activity week to be successfully held. this official also said, “bondex logistics service is very considerate and timely and satisfies us for their professional operation and high efficiency”.

lu ming said that in order to finish the logistics task of this world expo and honor our promise made by us before opening of this park, bondex logistics invested much labor resources, materials resources and finances in this project. besides special logistics project team made up of professionals, we also install gprs system on the transport trucks so as to realize real time tracking of goods and avoid delay caused by unfamiliarity with transport routes and then ensure the exhibition and entertainments could proceed on the next day. in order to guarantee the safety of trucked goods, each truck will be provided with one supercargo to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

our services are also reflected in other aspects. due to hot days in shanghai, the service personnel of bondex logistics will give a bottle of mineral water to the drivers after they drive into the park at night. there are much more things like this for bondex logistics. it is these trivial services that help the customers feel our professional and high efficient services as well as our care.