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bondex 2010 midyear conference was held satisfactorily
publish time:2010/8/13 0:00:00

bondex 2010 midyear conference was held from july 23rd to 25th in qingdao ceremoniously. board chairman xiping wang, president harold tang, vice presidents and division managers from head quarters, general managers from each branch companies and employee representatives, totaling more than 120 people attended the conference. president mr. tang made the 2010 midyear summery report of all performed work, and proposed "love working, happy life".

during this conference, we have also arranged specific topic speeches on company management, and business development etc, and organized various special seminars, including: service and communication conference between operation department and sales department, exhibition business seminars, marketing center thematic session, airfreight packaging business communication meeting, and we have carried out a discussion of future domestic logistics the development trend.

the whole conference is based on the core concept of "new thoughts and new developments", which fully reflects the development goal of the company: pay attention to innovation and development, gradually establishes leading position in the industry, become the most trustworthy comprehensive logistics providers to employees, customers, shareholders and society.