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bondex logistics serve for the cultural entertainments of world expo
publish time:2010/6/28 0:00:00

there are about 20 thousand scenes of cultural entertainments during 2010 shanghai world expo. we are honored to provide logistics services to such entertainments and also we deem it a chance to test our professionalism and high efficiency.

the logistics work for cultural entertainments of world expo features high quantity and diversity.

high quantity – there will be 20 thousand scenes of entertainments during world expo and it is estimated to receive over 1100 entertainment teams including a large number of mobile materials.

diversity – mobile materials are diversified including lighting, sound, stage setting, costumes, and stage properties.
multiple batches – the cultural entertainments involve 33 activity sites with average daily stage change rate over 40; these entertainments require high time efficiency and high transport frequency.

multiple sources: the cultural entertainments have different sources covering international and domestic organizations and enterprises and different cities, which bring more difficulties to our work.

diversified transport modes – diversified transport modes are required due to the factors above. there are constant temperature and shock absorption requirements for some transports.

bondex logistics will make full preparation and take prior measures to handle such difficulties:
  1.bondex logistics actively participated in operation meetings organized by world expo administration; and conducted field survey on the entertainment site to analyze the site; and assigned professionals to take charge of logistics coordination work based on the characteristics of site.
  2.bondex logistics summarized and categorized the articles used for entertainments and prepared a logistics requirements questionnaire to gather logistics demand information of entertainment party; through analysis for logistics demand, bondex logistics will further improve its own logistics solution and also prepare corresponding emergency plan by analyzing and subdividing logistics demands.
  3.bondex logistics are active to coordinate the relationship of various parties and get to know about flow process and relevant policy regarding import of entertainment articles and materials under the guidance of customs and commodity inspection bureau and coordinate the needs for rush clearance of entertainment articles and materials; active to coordinate the connection of international and domestic transportations to ensure the overseas materials could be sent to entertainment site in time.
the requirement of world expo administration for the entertainment activity logistics is “timely, intact, top quality and reasonable”, which is also our rules to follow in logistics work. at the work meeting convened by world expo administration prior to spring festival, bondex logistics world expo project team put forward multiple solutions to the difficulties that may happen in logistics work and get approval from world expo administration.
no difficulties may hold us back. the belief of “with wholehearted service to achieve the logistics task of world expo” has been deep rooted in the mind of each worker.