china railway erju co., ltd. and bondex project logistics co.,ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

china railway erju co., ltd. and bondex project logistics co.,ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement
publish time:2010/5/26 0:00:00
in may 2010, china railway erju co., ltd. and beijing bondex international engineering logistics co., ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement in chengdu.

according to the contents in cooperation agreement, both sides will realize an all-round comprehensive closer cooperation in overseas projects logistics operation in the future, and synchronically support both companies to push collaboration implementations in various specific fields.

china railway erju co., ltd. is one of the world top 500 enterprises, top 500 world brands - china railway erju co., ltd is a oversized state-owned enterprise which is subordinated to china railway groups limited (crec), and its stocks are successfully listed in stock market in 2001 (code 600528), and it became the first listed company in china railway construction industry. china railway erju co., ltd. has strong advantage in railway, highway, urban rail system, municipal roads, airports, harbors, industrial and civil building, hydraulic structures etc. construction fields, it is known as a "pioneer" in china construction industry. as a competitive international engineering contractors and investors, it has been listed in the world's largest 255 international contractors ranking list for 6 times, and developed business in more than 40 countries and areas. it has formed an industrial diversified-economic pattern combining with infrastructure investment, resource development, urban industry, project management, construction.

bondex project logistics co.,ltd is a specialized company founded by bondex logistics co., ltd. it is specially established to meet international engineering logistics demands. bondex logistics co., ltd. is one of the largest comprehensive logistics enterprises nationwide and the 15th largest shipping enterprise in china, the company devotes itself to the development and promotion of international transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, inspection declaration, packaging, and distribution and other professional logistics services, the company passed through iso9001 quality system authentication in 1999, it is a member of international federation of forwarding agents' associations (fiata ) and international air transport association (iata), and it maintains a long-term friendly cooperative relations with more than 200 corporate agents companies all over the world. it has mighty resources advantage, the industry experience and professional service capability in logistics field.
before signing the collaboration agreement, china railway erju co., ltd. and bondex have already established a good cooperative relation; both parties have very successful comprehensive logistics cooperation in many overseas projects in africa, asia and many other regions. the signing of the agreement, meaning for promoting a long-term cooperation between china railway erju co., ltd. and bondex and in order to realize the complementary advantages, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, promote an extensive cooperation between subsidiary companies from both sides, enhance service level, and create excellent benefits.
building long-term strategic cooperation relations with the customer, it is an important breakthrough in sale mode transformation, at the same time; it is also a milestone of establishing this characteristic brand of customized all-round professional logistics service.