bondex logistics will try every effort to guarantee logistics safety of world expo bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

bondex logistics will try every effort to guarantee logistics safety of world expo
publish time:2010/6/26 0:00:00

safety is a paramount topic for shanghai world expo. no success of world expo will be achieved if there is no safety. so, social security has become a common concern during shanghai world expo. the security work will persist through the duration, demobilization and relevant subsequent work. as one of designated logistics suppliers of 2010 shanghai world expo, bondex logistics will carry out sufficient security work during the world expo.

if you enter the china pavilion, you will see bondex staff wearing safety caps and uniform with reflective strip; there will be full time safety officer to carry out patrol work. bondex logistics has set out strict requirements for selection of these safety officers. the safety officer will not only attend the induction trainings but also receive regular trainings and examinations in terms of professional safety. these safety officers need to understand their duty as well as their responsibility and mission.

cao zhuping , as the responsible person for security work of bondex logistics world expo project, will convene onsite safety meeting each day and make regular communications with safety officers and carry out safety education. the site workers said it is usual to work late into night or early morning during the period when the work is started comprehensively in china pavilion. during the construction of tibet pavilion in feb. 5 in order to finish one of work before next day, china pavilion and bondex logistics had to organize relevant personnel to speed up the work at night and the vice secretary general of tibet people’s government inspected the work progress at 23:30 of that night and gave high praises to us after knowing our site progress and safety work. the work continued to early morning of next day. in order to avoid affecting the opening of daily site safety meeting, the workers had to have a nap in the offices.

in order to ensure high efficient work for each pavilion and protect the personal safety and goods safety on site, bondex logistics prepared a series of special safety regulations for world expo logistics work so as to carry out control level by level and prevent any accidents. we also have an eye on the safety of operations while finishing the logistics work in time and in full quantity so as to provide strong guarantee for logistics work of world expo.