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world expo highlights comprehensive power of bondex logistics
publish time:2010/5/6 0:00:00

lu ming, chief director of bondex logistics world expo project told the reporter that all the materials used for opening of shanghai world expo have been transported to designated places and added that the materials for the opening of shanghai world expo are so diversified that they include general control equipment for fireworks and fountains etc. and stage equipment such as stage property and sound appliances as well as 4000 plus chairs.

lu ming should organize his work team to transport the materials to show sites of world expo within less than 30 hours and also transport such materials out of show sites and entertainment plaza within 6 hours after ending of opening ceremony.

when we met lu ming, he said with a tired expression that they had another sleepless night. in order to guarantee the materials for opening ceremony were put in place, he and his team had worked several nights. although the materials have been put in place, they still have to work as before. he said, bondex logistics is now taking charge of integrated logistics work for 2010 shanghai world expo opening ceremony which is difficult to operate. all the materials should be transported to world expo park safely and high efficiently within shortest time and also should be demobilized from culture center and show plaza within 6 hours after ending of opening ceremony so as to prepare for normal operation of world expo on the next day.

for this purpose, bondex logistics has made full communications with shanghai world expo’s various competent departments and considered each logistics link involved to formulate three sets of logistics solutions, one of which is formal operation solution and the second is standby solution. in case of failure of the first two solutions, the third solution will be used to ensure normal logistics work of materials for opening ceremony.

the opening ceremony logistics employed the human sea tactics. lu ming said that such logistics work as china national pavilion, enterprise pavilion, and urban best practice area etc. has come to end. and our company work team will shift the focus from exhibit arrangement to park logistics guarantee service. bondex logistics has successfully finished the logistics work for opening ceremony of world expo within shortest time and won honors for logistics enterprises.