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bondex logistics – dazhong logistics jointly start world expo logistics line
publish time:2010/4/13 0:00:00
recently, as one of designated logistics supplier of shanghai world expo – bondex logistics  co., ltd (hereinafter called bondex logistics) signed agreement with shanghai dazhong logistics co., ltd. under governance of dazhong traffic group (hereinafter called dazhong logistics) and started 96811 dazhong world expo logistics line to provide telephone booking service to shanghai world expo park.

bondex logistics intends to cooperate with dazhong logistics to use the strong logistics network and rich resources of dazhong logistics in shanghai to carry out night distribution inside park and daytime distribution outside park so as to form strategic partnership with dazhong logistics and realize safe and high efficient logistics operation for world expo.

guarantee world expo logistics through cooperation

wang xiping,the board chairman of bondex logistics said that logistics guarantee is an important link for 2010 shanghai world expo. there are 400-800 thousand person times to visit the park and each person may consume 2 kg of foods and beverages each day in the park. additionally, large quantities of materials need to be sent to the park only within 0:00 am to 6:00 am. totally, there are about 200 plus retail and eating points in the park covering 3.28 square kilometers and there are over 500 demand units for pavilions. so, you can imagine how difficult the logistics work is.

bondex logistics joined with dazhong logistics to carry out night distribution inside park and daytime distribution outside park. zhao weilun vice general manager of dazhong traffic group said that dazhong logistics, as partner, could provide special advantageous resources: hydraulic tailboard, gprs container truck, professional handling personnel, and goods warehouse outside park, and world expo hotline 96811 to receive the booking and dispatching business from customers of bondex logistics. through the system, we could optimize the distribution solution to finish the logistics work in a safe, timely and high efficient way.

it is known that bondex logistics entered china market in 1993 and started to develop sea freight, air transport, clearance and declaration, logistics distribution, bonded logistics, exhibition transport, project and engineering logistics, supply chain management etc. and now is developing into a large logistics enterprise with annual turnover of 2 billion rmb, the whole staff of 2000 plus persons, and business network covering 60 plus ports and inland cities.

dazhong logistics is one of 34 logistics enterprises recommended by ministry of commerce and also one of 18 pilot couriers designated by traffic ministry. this company possesses 880 trucks to distribute between cities, and 50 2-5-tons fully-closed container trucks, gprs system and 2000 plus square meters of distribution warehouse and a mature and experienced work team.

world expo is a chance for enterprise development

wang xiping said that 2010 shanghai world expo will form a peak of capital flow, information flow and commodity flow whose influence may bring along the surrounding regions and even the whole country to create a strong logistics demand. therefore, it  is an unprecedented chance for growing logistics industry. as one of designated logistics suppliers of world expo, bondex logistics has established a strong professional world expo team and set up close partnership with a number of world class suppliers in order to forge a global logistics service brand.

previously, the company has successfully provided logistics services to many famous exhibitions such as apec enterprise technology exchange & exhibition, frankfurt household textile exhibition, global resource exhibition, usa consumer electronics exhibition, etc. additionally, bondex logistics has been designated logistics supplier for guangzhou trade fair for many years and successfully provided logistics services to 29th olypics sailing regatta and 2008-2009 volvo global sailing regatta etc.
wang xiping said that this grand meeting is a severe test for bondex logistics and dazhong logistics in terms of management level and implementation and also a start for both of them to seek more cooperation. both of them hope this cooperation will help to grasp the chance of world expo to forge a professional team and realize sustained development.