“working for 100 days and being an excellent one” – bondex logistics for african joint pavilion bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

“working for 100 days and being an excellent one” – bondex logistics for african joint pavilion
publish time:2010/3/10 0:00:00

at 15:00 jan. 23, 2010, the theme activity of “working for 100 days and being an excellent one” was held in african joint pavilion accompanied by hakuna matata african drum music, which signals that african joint pavilion is at the end of work. hong hao, vice secretary general of shanghai government and director of world expo administration is present at this activity.

african joint pavilion is the largest one among the joint pavilion of shanghai world expo. the organizers have invested many resources to overcome many difficulties during the building work. till now, the pavilion decoration and arrangement is in good progress and main structures have been in assembly stage. hong hao said that we hope all work teams for african joint pavilion will make concerted efforts to practice their promises during the display arrangement work that has been started in a comprehensive way.

as one of designated logistics supplier of 2010 shanghai world expo and an exclusive logistics supplier of african joint pavilion, bondex logistics will try every effort to make preparation for the logistics work. lu ming chief director of world expo logistics project said, “bondex logistics will try to achieve the logistics work with excellent performances” which fully reflects their firm determination and pride. due to most part of africa and some islands in atlantic ocean and indian ocean such as mauritius, republic of cape verde, seychelles etc. which have different development levels in logistics industry and even have backward logistics and traffic facilities, they will have to face more difficult logistic work. with their professional experience and excellent team work, they will surely provide reliable logistics guarantee for african joint pavilion and pursue for better in various logistics work to fully interpret the philosophy of “serve world expo wholeheartedly”