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bondex engineering logistics transportation gains new victories once more
publish time:2010/3/11 0:00:00

venezuelan northern plains railway project is the world's largest railway construction general contract signed by chinese enterprises. recently, the first batch of equipments and materials shipment is loaded successfully and set sailing, as one of the top 100 logistics enterprises; bondex company has become the carrier of this project. according to the company managing director xiping wang’s introduction, such massive shipment in one batch was the first time in our country.

as the carrier of this project, board chairman xiping wang admitted is the embodiment of the power of the enterprise. there were 14 enterprises participated in the project bidding, including cosco and sinotrans such kind of shipping giants. xiping wang said: "our team has done a lot of work in the earlier stage, from vessel type selection, transport process to cost accounting aspects etc. bondex has established very detailed logistics bidding scheme, and it was also through such meticulous work, make the enterprise winning from the crowd of 14 bidding companies."

board chairman xiping wang is very positive about future development engineering of project logistics, he said, chinese enterprises have been implementing “walking out development strategy”, there will be more and more large scale construction project abroad, it brings very good development opportunities for the logistics enterprises, the company will grasp large project logistics as a new growth point, through professional market dispatch, international logistics distribution and other modes to seize the market share.